Our firm is member of the E.P.U. “Europe Pewter Union” based in London; in Italy we refer to “Assopeltro” based in Brescia.

The mark EPU safeguards the final buyer and guarantees the quality of every single item, establishing the use of pure raw materials that have to meet the fixed quality standards;

for example we use the mark 95% pewter for alimentary use on all our items, followed by our trademark registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

As a guarantee for the line and style of every single item, we enclose a parchment paper seal with both marks : E.P.U. with the number of our association membership and our trademark DEDALO represented by an S for Salvaterra (the surname of the two brothers art masters) together with two wings. It is from this symbol in fact that the name of our firm comes: ancient history tells us that

Dedalo, first craftsman of the mythological era, built two wings for his son Icarus to fly towards the sun, towards the conquest of the unknown (towards success).

We’ve taken part in many European trade fairs and now we exhibit our products at the HOMI International Fair in Milan that takes place twice a year, in spring and autumn, in the new fair center at Rho, Milan, and at IWA OutdoorClassics in Norimberg.