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Dedalo was started to work exclusively in the handiwork field, being possible thanks to the artistic knowledge of the owners, the Salvaterra Brothers, that have attended a long established artistic school specialised in metal working. Even thought this firm has evolved over twenty years for what concerns the technology, many objects are still produced by hand. the products this firm puts on the market have the same characteristics as the pieces produced many years ago in the old Gonzaga workshop in Mantova. In fact during the Renaissance in Italy and in Europe, pewter ware came in fashion in the courts, churches and homes of the rich and powerful men. Nowadays the Dedalo production, with the same characteristics as many years ago, blends perfectly with modern life, being at the same time decorative in style and useful for table use. In fact everything is produced in 95% pure pewter for alimentary use. Most important of all, these objects can be produced in large quantities and preserve at the same time the taste and refinement of this noble metal.

Dedalo Peltro
Via G. Ferraris 3/5

Phone: +39.037660286
E-mail: info@dedalopeltro.com